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28 years in corporate world doing business analysis for various large multi-national corporations and public sector agencies in New Zealand and overseas. My responsibilities included defining and understanding the clients’ requirements and providing the most efficient and cost-effective way of delivering business outputs. I enjoy exploring options and researching for the best practices to continuously improve business processes and promote efficiency in the workplace. I am very resilient and love challenges.

Coming from a family of five children, I learned to become very resourceful, patient and very family oriented. In addition, the influences of my grandmother, mother and aunts and my love of God provided me guidance and good values that moulded me as a person.

As a child, I was passionate about real estate due to my aunt’s influence who was very much involved in real estate brokerage. I used to listen to her talk about her client tours and she would even show me how great the future high-rise buildings and communities will be developed. It was really fascinating and created excitement and anticipation for what is to come.

My family always believed that property is always the way to developing and building one’s future. Therefore, as early as my late 20’s, I’ve strived to have my own family home overseas. It provided a home-base and shelter for my family. I did the same when I migrated to New Zealand in 2008. After briefly living in Auckland, I moved to Wellington where my job was and a few years later bought a home.

After living in Wellington for 11 years, it is now my home. I remember what my former work colleague said, “There is no place like Wellington. This place is naturally beautiful, relaxed and the people are very friendly. It is the best place to bring up your children and enjoy the work-life balance with your special someone.” Indeed, I find Wellington breath taking, especially on a fine day. This is truly a place where you can grow old and happy with your loved ones.

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